Alignment of people

Does your management team have a shared vision of the strategic objectives?

Does everyone in your organization know the direction of the company and how they contribute?

Do you know how to motivate your team to increase their involvement?

We accompany you in the process of aligning people to achieve the company’s objectives in an effective and efficient way

 It will be difficult to obtain the results we want if the people in our organisation do not know where we want to go.

The results of a company are the result of the sum of the actions of the people who make it up.

oUR Objective

 At Co-enable we help you to lower the strategic objectives of the organisation at departmental and people level. So that everyone knows how they contribute to achieving the goals.

In the process of translating the strategy into operational terms so that people understand how they contribute and what is expected of them. This is the key step in getting them to commit to change and work with motivation to help the company achieve its goals.



How we do this?

We help you translate the strategy into operational terms,  in other words, concrete and specific objectives.

We adapt the organizational structure by defining a functional organizational chart

We analyze how each department contributes to the strategy 

We define personal objectives and competencies

We support you in the internal communication of the strategy

We align the remuneration policy and personal incentives

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Our goal is to help you empower your organization. We are by your side all the way, getting personally involved and creating a long-term relationship to move forward together with confidence.

How we can help you?

 Write to us and we’ll arrange a no-obligation meeting!

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