Positive Impact

Do you want to integrate sustainability in your company but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to prepare for new sustainability regulations?

 Do you want to improve your company’s impact on the environment?

How do ESG or SDG criteria affect your company?

We help you to integrate sustainability into your company’s strategy

The current context

In recent years, the shift towards a more sustainable economy has accelerated, driven by regulation, the market and society. Demands for greater transparency, the adoption of measures to improve impacts, as well as the measurement of the results obtained, mean that companies are having to consider changes in their models. This new context poses two alternatives: adapt to comply with regulations or take advantage of it as a source of competitive advantage.   

How does Co-enable help you?

At Co-enable we help you to identify the challenges and opportunities of this new environment.  To do this, we link sustainability with business to ensure that your company generates financial profitability as well as social, environmental and economic value. Positively impacting your community and your value chain.

Our Methodology

We developed the Positive Impact Strategy with the aim of providing a tool that serves as a roadmap for companies to achieve growth by integrating sustainability into the business model.  We incorporate the main trends, standards and tools of business sustainability, highlighting:

  • Shared Value
  • ESG Criteria
  • SDG
  • Global Deal
  • GRI
  • Economy for the common good
  • Triple Bottom Line
  • SRD (CFRD)

We use the strengths of each of these to deliver an agile, flexible, results-oriented strategy that will prepare your company for the transition to corporate sustainability.

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 Our goal is to help you empower your organization. We are by your side all the way, getting personally involved and creating a long-term relationship to move forward together with confidence.

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